Mini Coater Developer Tracks
Mini Coater Developer Spin Tracks
SemiAutomated Photoresist Spin Equipment
Mini Spin Track is equipped with a full featured coater and developer. Wafers are manually fed to the spin station. The substrate centering and spin processing are fully automated.
100s of systems installed!
Three Year Warranty!
Brand name 'off the shelf' components!
multiple wafer sizes
Spin Station
0-30K RPM
Spin station Centering
Shown Here
PC Based Control
Unlimited Recipes
200mm Footprint
53" x 32" x 46" tall
Spin stations can have multiple resists, backside rinse, bowl wash, vapor tip bath, suckback, pre-wet, spray coating, pump or canister driven, stream & puddle develop, bowl rinse, mini environment, temperature controlled delivery lines, stepper motor accuracy, chemical cabinets made to suit
EXAMPLE: 200mm & 150mm
Coater Developer Top View
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