Wafer Transfer Systems
Manual slide transfers are a known cause of defects and wafer damage in most FABs. This operator intensive process really should be automated. Gemini is a mini automated wafer transfer system designed to replace antiquated slide transfers.
Gemini Mini Mass Transfer:
-Small footprint just slightly larger than the cassette itself
-Sensors for wafer protection (wafer detection, boat placement, over-current, etc)
-Only 2 moving parts
-Stepper motor accuracy, reliability, and repeatability
-Simple two button operator interface
-Operators like that the comb is completely out of the way during cassette load and unload
-Over 200 Gemini systems in the field
-Over 1500 MTUs tools installed globally
-USA based sales and service
-Low capital cost
Comet makes MTUs to meet just about any need; basic transfers, merges 25 to 50, back to back, 1/2 pitch, notch align, whatever. We have over 1500 systems in the field, many with millions of transfers logged on their odometers.
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