Photomask Cleaners | Reticle Cleaners
Semi-automated mask cleaners suitable form reticles of all sizes.
Place the reticle on the chuck manually and the recipe driven cleaning and drying processes are completely automated.
Fully equipped solvent compatible spin chamber includes multiple dispense nozzles, front/backside DI rinse, brush scrub and front/backside N2 blow dry.
Chemical Dispense Arm Features:
- DI Water Jet Spray
- DI Water Stream Nozzle
- Surfactant Stream Nozzle
- Resist Cleaning Chemistry Nozzle
Roller style brush scrubber arm
Flat Jet topside N2 blow
Backside DI Rinse & N2 Blow
These systems are based on the standard PicoTrack platform (300 systems in the field)
Brand new tools include installation, start up, training, and warranty.
Optional Chemical Cabinet Available
N2 Blow Off Nozzle
Dispense Arm
DI Water Jet
DI Water Stream
Resist Cleaning Chemistry
Jet Nozzle
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