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Would your research benefit by having access to Thin Films grown by ALD? Until now, ALD tools have been too expensive for most Universities and Research Scientists. We’ve engineered a low cost table top solution to specifically address this niche.
Included with the AT400 (4”) ALD System:
- Deposition system with integrated controller
- Quick change flat sample holder with edge
   guard (custom holders available)
- All exterior connections for precursor bottles,
  process gasses, power, and vacuum.
- Proven Process Recipes for many materials
  such as Al2O3, Pt, Ru, HfO2, TiO2, ZrO2,
  ZnO, Al:ZnO,TiN…
- Documentation - Digital manual along with
  training and maintenance videos available
  online and by USB.
- 1 Year Parts & Labor
- Process Development Support
- Extendable Warranty Services
- Precursor bottles (empty) with shut-off valve
- Custom heater jackets for precursors
- Enhanced temperature control 35C—150C
- Inert gas pressure assist for low vapor
  pressure precursors
- Vented precursor cabinet
System Highlights:
- Chamber designed and optimized for typical
   R&D substrates (samples) up to 4” in diameter
- Fixture can be modified for specialty samples
- Chamber temperature range is RT to 350C
- Precursor temperatures can be managed by
   optional heater jackets
- Process pressure is user adjustable from 0.1 to 1.5 Torr
- Up to 5ea ALD precursor sources:
- 3ea organometallic or other metal sources
- 2ea oxidants/reduction sources
- System is completely metal sealed upstream of
   sample - Fast Cycling capability
- High aspect ratio deposition with excellent
   conformal coverage
- Precise precursor dosing with defined dose
- Robust 6” touch screen PLC control system
- Simple and accessible system maintenance
- Safety interlocks
- Smallest footprint on the market
Tabletop ALD Equipment